Water a flower

I suppose it seems a little odd to have a day dedicated to the bleeding obvious. So when I first came across the fact that 30 May is Water a Flower Day I was somewhat bemused.

The occasion features on all the funky days of the year websites, though I note not one of them can identify a creator or discern the origin of the event.

The more I thought about it, the more I thought why not? Watering plants is an essential act and one that is not always carried out consistently or well (at least by me).

Days of the Year reminds us that if it hadn’t been for coffee, cocoa, vanilla, lavender, camomile and many other flowering plants and trees,the world would be a barren, dismal place. They remind us also that Water a Flower Day is an annual opportunity to show  how much we appreciate flowers for their sumptuous colours, their fragrant blossoms and their medicinal properties. There’s a few lethal properties too but I think we just might edit those out today.

According to World’s Special Days 30 May is the prefect day to:

  • Water plants with a watering pot or spray – done with my little spray gun
  • Give leaves an extra shine by wiping them – mission accomplished with a soft washcloth with a bit of warm water and mild soap to gently rub the tops and undersides of the leaves to remove any grime and also keep pests from inhabiting the plant. Just be sure to use another washcloth with plain water afterward to rinse off most of the soap.
  • Sing to your plants – the Prince Charles manoeuvre
  • Plant some flowers or buy a beautiful bunch – done – hardly a chore
  • Change the water of flowers – done
  • Research how to take better care of your flowers – in train
  • Take a picture of a flower in bloom and post it – check

Scientific Studies  suggest gently caressing plants  in the way that a  gentle breeze would in their natural habitat promotes growth. Most commentators on the subject of interacting with flowers do however, warn of staying well well away from any tactile action with Rafflesia Arnoldii, the largest flower on the planet with no leaves to squeeze. It’s also known as the ‘corpse flower’ due to the odour it emits when disturbed. No need to water that flower then.

After reading endless blogs and articles, I formed the view that people who live in apartments are often the canniest when it comes to flowers and plants. From Apartment Therapy comes  5 tips to keep flowers lasting longer and looking better, even when you swear your thumb isn’t green.

  1. Make Sure Your Scissors Are Sharp – cut the stems daily with the sharpest pair of scissors you can lay your hands on. Blunt blades will crush the stem.
  2. Cut Flowers In the Coolest Part of the Day.
  3. Don’t Mix Fruit and Flowers – fruit and other plants can give off gasses that will wilt your cut blooms.
  4. Change the Water Everyday – this will eliminate mould, debris and keep things fresh.
  5. Hot and Cold Matters –  If you need blooms to open faster, fill the vase with hot (not boiling) water. Need to keep them looking great a little longer? Go for cold water, even with a few ice cubes.

With all of this fabulous flower focus, I did not need any further encouragement to embark on a flower wrap. The issue of course became one of choice because there are so many beautiful flowers and flower patterns and flower ribbons and flower tags and everlasting flowers from which to choose. But I kept coming back to featuring the flowers which is what it really should be about. I went for kraft wrap with white dots and a pristine white ribbon as the canvas for  a posy of deep pink astors. I chose astors because they last really well and if you are even a little bit clever you can even dry them. A fitting tribute to water a flower day which I now feel quite embarrassed that I did not take seriously enough in the first instance.

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