The trick with geometric

Well, no points for guessing that I am not really a geometric girl. Flowers – yes! Spots – you betcha! A crisp white gloss paper with a yummy ribbon and cheeky tag – Heck Yeh! But geometric – not so much.

That is, until my daughter politely prodded me. Now, she’s got a fine eye does my daughter, so when she encouraged me to try some different patterned paper which still spoke to me, I felt she had a point.

So  this 16 June I have decided to give geometric patterns a burl. But before I did, I wanted to immerse myself in all the tricks of geometrics. I felt enormously pleased with myself that I happened upon the fabulous blog creativbloq and the piece 25 Glorious Geometric Patterns in Design  by Sammy Maine. It features geometric shapes that are currently in vogue and the chosen ones are indeed glorious. Says Sammy ” Using these shapes, the designs become a simple yet wholly striking work of art channeling influences from the design era of art deco.”

From the distinctive chunky M for Melbourne (where I am sitting writing this blog) to Olivia King’s concept packaging called Trigonometry to Laurie Cape’s Feedback Cam where you point your webcam back at the screen to produce geometric patterns – this list of geometrics is a feast for the eyes. That’s before we get to Justin Mallor’s Facets, where he created a new piece of personal artwork every day for 12 months (Jason I get producing something every day..I really get that) to Motif Wine where the wine is described by the geometric shapes on the bottle – genius! You could spend all day looking at this stuff…as I found out when I graduated from 25 to 50 at 50 fabulous geometric designs ……

Melb logo

If this isn’t enough inspiration for a foray into geometric, I don’t know what is. I have chosen a geometric pattern from Hipp paper. I think my eye was drawn by the pop of my much loved strong pink. I teamed my wrap with three types of ties – a nylon aqua chord (aka mouse tail), a thin pink grosgrain and a thin satin in deep rose. Three ties…three textures… more than three attempts to tie the differently textured pieces together. But I surely do like the result and I’m glad I stuck with it. Also glad I’m starting to figure out the tricks with geometrics.


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