Have a think about orange and pink

I have on other occasions said my piece about colours going or not going together. We know it all started with that childhood chant “blue and green should never be seen.” But today 19 June the colour combo conundrum is back with a vengeance. I really like this pattern because it features my favourite deep Daily Wrap coloured pink. But is too divisive? Will it give cause to have another think about orange and pink?

Colour combos have long been a talking point. The blog The Top Ten Colours That Don’t Go Together gets right to the point. Coming in at Number 1 is orange and green – “carrot colors”. Number 2 – “Red and Purple clash, I’m sorry, they just do”. Number 3 – Pink and Bronze “Probably the worst combination” Number 4 is Silver and Yellow. Number 5 – Brown and Maroon “Oh Lord please never combine these”. Number 6 – Blue and Gold – meaning light powder blue and gold. Number 7 – Brown and Black. Number 8 Purple and Yellow – “People say that these don’t complement they insult”. Number 9 and 10 respectively – Yellow and Pink and Yellow and Brown (apologies Hawthorn fans).

Coming in just outside the top 10 and described as a contender is orange and pink. Although it does get some support. “If you use the right shades, they kinda look like sunset colours.”

Orange and pink sunset

So come on orange and pink, let’s see whatya got. They say you see what you are looking for and so it was when I was wandering around Sydney last week. Orange and Pink everywhere. At Zara Home (I love Zara Home on Pitt Street) there were wall of beautiful oranges and pinks that looked AMAZING.

Off to browse paper as I always do and what did I find? Stunning orange and pink combos from Samson Paper. the feature pattern at the bottom of the shot below aptly and artistically titled Matisse Red Leaves.

orange and pink paper

And then the highlight – well for me anyway – Veuve Cliquot Limited Edition Rose.verve pink and orange

Need any more convincing? Well Not me. I am a reformed wrapper. I will push the envelope. I will think outside the square (okay maybe not with  brown and maroon). I will try combos that I would have thought unthinkable. Just like the geometric combination on this paper. If I had to describe this paper in just words – tessellating triangles of orange, pink and black on a Kraft (aka packaging brown) background I would think OH No….. But you know what…I am thinking heck yes. Specially with its pink cord and wooden tag. I have definitely had another think about orange and pink.

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