Sweet on the Inside

Today 27 June it’s Pineapple Day – a day to celebrate the fruit that is neither a pine nor an apple but an extremely popular herbaceous perennial  – the Ananas comosus. The pineapple plant is indeed a handsome plant with architectural leaves. It’s probably well over the fact that some people think pineapples grow on a tree like a coconut. I blame Gilligan’s Island for that misconception.

Pineapple plants are both resilient and  ambitious . If you cut the fruit off one stalk, it grows more stalks or  ‘suckers’ to produce even more fruit. And speaking of that fruit – well what’s not to like – it s full of Vitamin C and can be eaten fresh in slices or rings , in desserts (how about a pineapple mouse or even a pineapple flummery because my mum was quite partial to a flummery?) or in pineapple upside down cake. You can bung it in sweet and sour pork, pop it on a skewer or make a Pina Colada to drink while you are making, baking, whipping or barbequeing all of the above.

While I am quite fond of pineapple as a food I simply love the pineapple as a strong design motif that shows no signs of loosing it’s popularity. I love pineapple patterns, pineapple artwork, pineapple shaped vases and ceramics, even pineapple teaspoons. So much pineapple.



Image from Etsy Market Sayings

But what I like the most is using the pineapple motif in gift wrapping. There is no end to the number of different ways the pineapple can be graphically represented. You could spend days looking at pineapple images. And I did.

For pineapple Day, I settled on a coppery gold pineapple printed against a wonderful aqua background matched with a floaty coppery gold chiffon ribbon which I felt made a lovely contrast against the prickly rough skin which protects what lay within. Almost made me want to emulate the Pineapple – Stand Tall, Wear a Crown and be Sweet on the Inside.


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