Ziva with a Z

Today 6 July it’s happy first birthday to Miss Ziva  wherein I get to wrap with one of my favourite letters and looks – the  Z monogram.

The name Ziva has been described by Appellation Mountain (which features a baby name of the day and you know how much I like anything that has a daily cadence) as a combination of a “zippy Z and a vibrant V plus a great meaning” which ” splits the difference between Ava and Zoe but is far less common”. To me that means exclusive and special as my little Ziva is.

Ziva is pronounced Zeeva as in rhymes with diva, believer, Geneva and avivia and is the feminine form of Ziv. It is of Hebrew Origin and means bright or light, radiance, brilliance, light, God and brightness. Ziva is particularly popular in Slovenia. The Slovenian Ziva is described as the goddess of love, fertility and the harvest who was worshipped in Eastern and Southern Europe in the pre-Christian era.

Beside my first  birthday Ziva, the most well known Ziva appears to be a fictitious one. Chances are you heard the name Ziva on NCIS now in its 13th season.  Played by Chilean-born actress Cote de Pablo, Ziva David first appeared in Season 3  as an Israeli Mossad agent working as a liaison with NCIS. By season 7, she’d left Mossad, become a US citizen, and joined NCIS as a permanent employee. In 2013, Ziva along with two of her fellow NCIS agents chose to resign to protect a colleague and in May 2016, it was revealed that Ziva had been killed in a mortar attack on the farmhouse in Israel and that she and fellow cast member Tony had had a daughter together. What intrigue!

NCIS Ziva has certainly made her mark. Just like the letter Z which to me is the ultimate in letter shape making it the ultimate monogram. I just love monograms – and have to exercise discipline not to over use them. My favourite monogram crush site is Mark and Graham. They take a stand on monogram rules and etiquette and move with the times to use texting and tweeting as an inspiration for even more monograms.

Ziva’s  first birthday gift features white gloss paper adorned with ribbon and a pink monogram Z which is in fact from a stack of Z post it notes – not only the right shape but self sticking too! What a find! I love wrapping with white gloss paper because it gives such a fresh clean look. I also love the simplicity of monograms especially with such a funky letter as Z. While you can never have too many Zs in your life, there is definitely only one Ziva for me.

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