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One of the joys of leading Gift Wrapping Workshops up and down the East Coast of Australia is the pleasure of meeting fabulous, interesting and inspiring people. Gift Wrapping, it seems, is a universal language. And so it was at my recent session in Lane Cove on Sydney’s leafy North Shore where I where I met Jacqui and Jemma from Treat Me Treasure Me.

Treat Me Treasure Me is an enterprise dedicated to finding just the right words and support for those facing an illness. This really is a super duper idea and one that saves so much angst and heartache for people (like me) who want to show support and love for a friend or family member dealing with one of life’s big curve balls but who (like me) doesn’t want to awkwardly stumble over what to say or inadvertently go places that I shouldn’t.

Treat Me Treasure Me was born when friends Jacqui and Jemma realised that they shared a passion for supporting people facing an illness. Jacqui is up front in sharing that her husband had been diagnosed with a brain tumour and had undergone surgery and radiotherapy. She shares on the website that “the cancer didn’t read a calendar and decide on the most convenient time to show up – it had all happened when juggling family and careers.  There was a lot of love from friends and family – and a lot of casseroles. The casseroles and hugs were fabulous, but it got her thinking that it is just really hard to know what a person facing this kind of situation needs. So many people asked “what can I do?” but once you know what you need – you’ve finished the treatment!”

Her partner in this venture is Jemma  who is eminently qualified in a different way. She is a clinical psychologist who has spent years working with people who are facing cancer, illnesses or personal challenges.  She interacts with people about what they need for surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or just to feel a bit special. It’s that balance between the practical things as well as the indulgent things that help when a person feels overwhelmed and uncertain about what’s next.

Treat Me Treasure Me  has a thoughtful and cleverly curated range. Jacqui and Gemma say their top selling item at the moment is the fabulous book You, Me and The Rainbow by Petrea King  – a superb book to gently introduce to children that they can feel secure and can connected even when a parent or someone they love can’t be with them. It tells of being wrapped in the colours of the rainbow and finishes with a delightful ritual which encourages people to throw a rainbow to each other’s hearts.

My Treat Me Treasure Me wrap honours the pink and purple  logo of this enterprise. I’ve used simple pink and purple cord against a white gloss so the colours pop. I’m loving the pure simplicity of the gloss white because to me it references the purity of the thought that goes into giving a Treat Me Treasure Me gift. If you ever want a gift in a tough situation – this is the place to visit – cos they know exactly what’s needed to treat and just as importantly to treasure.


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