Love Your Towel

Today I am continuing my quest to get in shape for my walk across England from St Bees to Robin Hood Bay. I am trying to get some serious miles under my belt so my feet are ready for eight straight days of walking with my dear husband literally up hill and down dale. I hope we have enough to talk about as we march for hours on end. I’m also continuing my quest to pack cleverly with only the things I will need rain, hail or shine and not one bit  more.

So you can imagine how excited I was to come across some super duper sports towels – light weight, carry size and thoroughly road tested to boot. Described by their maker Top + Tail Towels as a vibrant and contemporary microfiber suede, I figured having one would make me vibrant and contemporary too, not to mention dry if the heavens open up in Northern England which apparently they do with great regularity. Not only that…but the towels make for a great gift for my husband for the impending Australian Father’s Day . Bonus!

The towels come all rolled up beautifully.- but how to wrap them for a gift before their grand debut on the grand English trek ? I didn’t want to unroll the roll, so I went for the wrap that I use for cylinders – paper once around laterally and then pleated at both bases. It was a little more tricky because the towels aren’t solid like a jar or bottle but it worked out just fine because the spotted kraft paper was quite strong.

Sports Towels
Sports Towels all rolled up and wrapped up

I teamed the rolls with an aqua ribbon and bow to match the blue pattern of the towels I chose. I was not so sure a about a ribbon and bow for a my dear boy but other options such as twine didn’t quite work and this blue makes a statement. Now I really do love my towel!

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