Bow Tie Bow

Today 28 August it’s Bow Tie Day – a day to whip out your favourite Bow Tie, tie it with flair and wear it with panache. There’s simply no better day than today to join the esteemed ranks of famous Bow Tie wearers  who proudly wrap their neck in a bow.

No one quite knows how Bow Tie Day became a thing, but there is more certainty around the evolution of the Bow Tie itself. Fashion historians report that typically the bow tie is “worn as an accessory to accentuate the neck, helping draw eyes up to the face and away from the shoulders and chest.”  details how members of  French military forces observed the way  Crotian soldiers tied the necktie in order to keep the collars of their shirts together during the Thirty Year War from 1618 – 1648 and adopted it as a practical style statement. Tobacco magnate Pierre Lorillard then wore one to the Tuxedo Club, and the the Tuxedo with its feature bow tie was born.

The modern shape of the bow tie was probably emerged around 1870, with only minor changes in shape and width since. Bow ties come in and out of fashion. They were extremely popular in the early 20th century until the advent of the World Wars when fabric was scarce and neckties ruled the roost.

If you want to know about all things the Bow Tie, is the place to go. As the official website of National Bow Tie Day, they certainly are the Bow Tie Whisperers. Says the site, “These elusive accessories are worn by influential characters (both real and fictional), political leaders, intellectuals, chefs, and famous men and women alike, and for good reason. The bow tie is a style statement that, simply, never goes unnoticed.”

When I put my mind to it, a whole range of Bow Tie Wearers sprung to mind… Karl Marx, Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin, The Playboy Bunnies, Steve Jobs in his earlier days, Fred Astaire, Manolo Blahnik, James Bond, Abraham Lincoln, Dr Who, Hercule Poirot, and fictional luminaries such as The Cat in The Hat, Boo Boo Bear, Mickey Mouse and Huckleberry Hound.

That prompted me to think who in this esteemed group are self tiers, pre tiers or clip oners? Lucky I came across this Bow Tie 101 guide from

Bow Tie Types

If you are going to wear a Bow Tie then you have to fully commit and wear it with confidence and there’s plenty of advice out there to help you to do just that From 10 Tips for Rocking a Your Bow Tie like a Pro, to the Art of Wearing a Bow Tie. But for me, I’ve committed to wrapping with a Bow Tie and settled for a plain black square knot against some marble wrap. While quite simple, I think it’s quite a cool wrap – a bit James Bond -who I suspect would only ever be a self tier.


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