Silvery Silverness

Today I am making a statement with accents of silver, for so long the younger and less sought after sibling of the precious metals family. I’ve opted for a silver ink pattern, silver ribbon with a silver edging and a silver cord. It’s part of my latest quest for gift wrapping equality for silver which will take me all the way through to Christmas.
Precious metals is a classification of metals whose high economic value is driven by their rarity, industrial uses and status as an investment vehicle. The most popular precious metals with investors are platinum, gold, the industrial darlings iridium and palladium and of course silver.

Silver is the metallic element with the atomic number 47. It carries the symbol is Ag, from the Latin argentum. With a boiling point of 961.8 °C and an atomic mass of 107.8682 u, it has a  range of uses – electrical, aesthetic, reflective, photographic and therapeutic – that will astound you. But my intense interest in silver is from a gift wrapping perspective, either as a primary or accent colour.

Silver sits very well with neutrals such as black, and white and grey and as a cool colour, combines well with other cool colour friends. I also love placing silver with jewel tones of ruby red, sapphire blue, emerald green, royal purple and the turquoise of the print I am using today. I keep silver well away from bright or warm colours such as  brown, fluoro green, orange, peach, fire engine red and big bold yellows.
Silver also reminds me of elegance and purity and sparkly crystal shapes and snowflakes and all the glistening of a winter scape in an idealised North Pole scene. Believe it or not, now is the time that a lot of Christmas wrapping is planned and piloted and prototyed and played with. That’s why my wrapping table is filled with silver possibilities as I determine my looks for Christmas 2016 and how I came upon this beautiful cotton paper with a peacock feather pattern. I think it makes a fine statement with all its silvery silverness.

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