Onya Dad

Today 4 September its Father’s Day and that means it’s time for a big shout out to all the Fathers and Father figures out there. A big Dad shout out, a big Dad thank you and a thoughtful Dad wrap is part of my ongoing quest (I appear to have quite a few passionate quests lately) for equality for Mother’s and Father’s Day. Jump on board the movement I say!

This time last year, my Father’s Day blog referred to the history of Father’s Day. This time round, I have a question for you. Do you put the same degree of thought and effort into Father’s Day as Mother’s Day? Retail figures show that consumers spend millions less on Dads as they do on Mums and that 63% of consumers struggle to find the right gift for their father. Dads deserve more than a hug, and with some clever gift suggestions and gift wrapping ideas, you can create a present for Dad to show your love and appreciation.

Electronics, hardware, apparel and personal care products have always been popular, but this year it’s personalised products, gift cards (so Dad can get what he really wants) or homemade gifts that top the list of sought after items.

I’ve opted for a rattling good read – because you can never have too many good books – and kraftily wrapped it with kraft spots and a black square knot . Add in a geometric card and you have a contemporary look for a contemporary Dad that rightfully puts Father’s Day on an equal footing to Mother’s Day in the style stakes.

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