DJs nails Baubles, Berries and Bon Bons

Today my quest for the best Christmas decorations, wrapping paper and embellishments took me to the venerable David Jones. I once was a shareholder at DJ’s – the first shares I ever bought – but since they were bought out by the South African Woolworths, I no longer have any interest in the company, therefore  I can assure you that my comments are not motivated by commercial gain. Just thought I ‘d get that out on the Christmas table first up.

I loved the Christmas shoppe and visual merchandising at DJ’ this year. They have gone big and beautiful and because they have not been burdened or side tracked with Halloween paraphernalia, it has been out and about in all it its glory for some weeks now. When I visited, all was calm and all was bright – unlike some of the aisle rage I experienced in other stores as their Christmas goodies were unpacked (more on that in a later post).

There is not one single colour or style theme going at DJ’s – rather a number of sub themes all beautifully colour blocked and presented. DJ’s have also played to their twin strengths of Baubles and bon bons and Christmas 2016 certainly does not disappoint. I have just returned from a couple of weeks roaming the Christmas shoppes at major London retailers and I can assure you that the DJ’s look is as good if not better than the big names on Regent and Bond Street.

First up -to the baubles. I love baubles and Christmas decorations, not only for the tree but to embellish gifts, giving two gifts in one. The range of baubles at DJ’s is quite beautiful, though, of course at a price – on average $14.00 – $19.50 per piece.

I wandered through the champagne pinks and the blues and the golds and whites to the figurine  ornaments which are gaining in popularity every year. I loved the white and pink ballerinas – which would add a lovley touch to a gift wrap all year round.

I  loved the peacocks (also v v v  big in London) and a little bizarrely a range of London landmarks which would be perfect for all my friends who love Big Ben, red phone booths and gin.

I was also drawn to a transparent blue glass globe with gold continents until  I noticed Cape York Peninsula was missing on all 18 held in stock and something rather odd had happened to reduce Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Japan to glitter blobs. Best not buy one of these for Julie Bishop.


Also big this year are berries – berries in the middle of poinsettia,  berries to go on trees, berries to dress the table and berries to add into a bow for a lovely touch. I couldn’t resist buying a number of stalks of the champagne coloured berries which I will split up into lovely little bunches and might even use on a napkin ring. Speaking of napkin rings -some beautiful styles in those too – such as the sliver snowflake which would look a treat around a crisp white linen napkin.

Onto wrapping paper. There was a decent range though no absolutely drool worthy  never seen that before patterns. Lots of muted golds and silvers and geometric jewels. There’s not as much kraft as in years past, but there’s still plenty of red and white in spots and stripes for the candy cane traditionalists.

And finally to the bon bons. They are piled high to the roof in every colour and size, with different price points to match. You wouldn’t think there would be enough lame Dad’s jokes in the world to go around. I think there might be some competition for the bon bons market as other players weasel in on the bon bon space, but if you are in DJ’s checking out the other lovely stuff, you may well be tempted to go with one of their selection.

I have had years where the DJ’s Christmas shoppe did not meet my expectations but 2016 is not that year. The stock is beautiful. The baubles are not cheap but a clever little Christmas themer would buy a couple of stand out signature baubles and then match them in with more than acceptable plain colour coordinated baubles from chain stores. Stretch your baubles I say. Definitely an A and if it hadn’t been for the political boundaries of South East Asia being redistributed in glitter and a lack of a take my breath away wrapping paper, it may well have been an A Plus.

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