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There’s few of us who haven’t seen a Women’s Weekly Recipe Book. They have been around for simply ever with titles to suit every type of occasion and cuisine. Many of us made our first (and often last) children’s birthday cake with the help of the Women’s Weekly and a significant number of spearmint leaves. There’s a reason why news.com.au called the Children’s Birthday Cake Book “the greatest book ever written in this country”.

So naturally my eye was drawn to one of the latest 2016 offerings from the Weekly – Celebrating Christmas : Festive Food and Menu Plans for a Stress Free Christmas Celebration published by Buaer Media. I suspect it was the words Stress Free that appealed in the first instance. Closer inspection revealed a lovely contemporary coffee table quality book with beautiful recipes and illustrations and the Weekly’s triple tested guarantee that everything has been tried in their test kitchens three times, markedly improving chances of success for genuine home cooks. I had to have a copy. Given the book is currently sold out on the Women’s Weekly Cookbook site, plenty of others appeared to have succumbed to its charms also.

The book boasts over 100 new recipes and plenty of advice on presentation and decorations that you can easily look up in the Table of Contents. And what a Table of Contents it is….. wrapped gifts bearing the section names : Celebrating Christmas, Christmas Eve, Brunch, Family Lunch, Christmas Entertaining, Boxing Day and Glossary and Conversion Chart. I thought all my Christmases had come at once! There are some truly lovely recipes – I am going to try the Rosewater Mousse for sure. But its the presentation that has my heart racing with the incorporation of giftwraps and stylish little touches.

I’ve included a few of the gift wrapping inspired looks here – I took photographs of   my favourite images to share with you. Beautiful gift wrapping as beautiful styling with not a spearmint leaf on sight.

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