Say Yes to the Dress

I watch reality television. I am not ashamed of saying it. But I do have some very strict rules around it. I only ever watch one current/latest release reality show at a time. Rushing home to catch the first airing of more than one show seems like cheating. At the moment, I am watching The Block which counts out Survivor and The Bachelor. One has to be disciplined. My rules also permit me to watch reruns of three favourites as many times as I want and this is how I got seriously addicted to Say Yes to the Dress.


I should make it clear I only watch the original Say Yes to the Dress filmed at Kleinfeld Bridal Store in Manhattan which originally aired in October 12, 2007 and is now in its 14th season. Okay – yes I visited Kleinfelds when I was in NYC. And yes – I love Kleinfeld  Paper – the Wedding Stationery Spin Off. Who wouldn’t? I stay well away from spin offs Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta, Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids, Say Yes to the Dress: Big Bliss, Say Yes to the Dress: Randy Knows Best and Randy to the Rescue.

I also admit to liking Randy who knows best and comes to the rescue. Randy Fenoli is the Fashion Director at  Kleinfeld. He began sewing dresses from the age of nine and won the Miss Gay America competition in 1990,performing as Brandi Alexander. He used the prize money to enrol at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. After working with Vivian Dessy Diamond, of the Vivian Diamond company he was offered a job at Kleinfeld, where he has been ever since.

Randy helps brides to negotiate the not always helpful advice of the entourage of friends and family, find the “perfect dress” to  overcome personal difficulty, struggle with body image concerns, and stay within budget in an upmarket designer shop.

A little snap of Randy. Photo from Kleinfeld.

Randy is the heart and soul of Say Yes to the Dress so I wonder what he would make of the momentous event happening TODAY on TLC Channel at 7.30pm – the premiering of Say Yes to the Dress Australia. I know! The Aussie produced six part series goes behind the scenes at Brides of Sydney where in their own words ” choosing the perfect wedding dress becomes the magical experience that so many women dream about their entire lives”. No point in being shy about it.

I hear there is also a Say Yes to the Dress UK premiering this year. But I absolutely shan’t be watching that. After the way the Brits squashed us in Rio, I am not sure I want to go back for another drubbing.

So I will have to decide whether I break my own rule and watch Say Yes to the Dress Australia. I will have to have a think about this one as I am  what the management literature calls an “Upholder” – I like to follow rules. While I am deliberating, I have busied myself with some beautiful bridal gift wrapping, which is such fun for us wrappers because you can go over the top and pull out the big looks if you want to.

My wrap features a chiffon spotted ribbon atop a gold wrap with a beautiful letterpress Mr & Mrs card in matching tones. It’s the colours and textures that make this wrap work. I think it looks quite lovely for a most formal wedding – not sure I would rock up with this to a barefoot Hawaiian themed beach wedding but you never know. I hope the Bride and Groom say yes to the wrap.

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