Time for Typo

The time had definitely come to check out Typo for its Christmas looks and clever finds. I think I might have gone a bit too early and found myself trapped between their Mermaidobellia and their Hallowen push. However, on venturing past the zombie looks and the mermaid tails, I found the first fresh shoots of Christmas goodies and while there is no doubt more to come, what is there looks pretty promising indeed.

First up, the just that very day unpacked Christmas decorations – a tight little collection featuring figurines including a mermaid shell (Typo has fully committed to the mermaid look and why not as the pinky purpley shimmer is most appealing), tiny bottles  of Champagne and a row of Eiffel Towers. There’s gemstone patterns as well as baubles with cheeky messages.

But it’s the copper monogram decorations that dazzle and of course play to Typo’s heritage and strength. I quickly located a V for Vivienne and in doing so found out the monograms are not metal but ceramic and more than a tad delicate. But that aside, they look absolutely fabulous, are only $4.99 and make a great present topper as the gift that gives twice. These will not last as I suspect I will buy most of them.

Next the Christmas cards. These, too, are an unexpected hit. I love the range this year and at $2.99 a card they box well well above their weight. The copper Mickey Mouse card – adorable.


The Advent Calendar with quirky daily explanations- love it. Come over to the Merry Side – one for the Star Wars fans. Peas on Earth – yes I’ve seen something similar before but it’s nicely done and ever so cute. Truly these are some of the best value for money single cards I’ve seen in a long time.

To the wrapping paper. Good news and bad news. The good news is there was a bit of general and Christmas themed wrapping paper on offer and I quite liked the pink, black and white version with the merry – bright – joy – jolly message. So I bought some. The bad news is it comes in one folded sheet 51cm by 73cm. Folded paper is a little bit of a thing with me as you have to put in a lot of effort into positioning the gift around the deeply embedded fold marks. At $3.99 per sheet, I’m not sure it’s the best gift wrapping value around but if you are in Typo and in the moment and picking up other good stuff, that may not bother you.


While I would rarely buy a gift bag, there are some cute ones on offer. It took me two goes to notice the wording on the Scandi cross stitch version  – just a little tip for you depending on your gift recipient. Probably wouldn’t want to give it to Grandma.

There’s also a few little choices of gift tags and ribbons – I would have liked more but may be they’re on their way. I picked up a packet of 10 glitter foil gift tags for $4.95 with 2 tags each of five designs. I loved the Wishing You Peace, Love and Unicorns tag as well as the All I Want for Christmas is You (Just Kidding … Buy Me Pizza) and Dachshund Through the Snow. The tags are a generous size and as someone who invests heavily in the somewhat niche specialisation of fabulous gift tags, I can assure you they represent fantastic value for money.


Buoyed by what I was seeing, I wandered round the store, picking up little stocking stuffers, like the copper monogrammed diary for $7.99  for my niece Elizabeth, glitter dairies and even more of the $2.99 Advent Calendar cards. I hope I actually now enough people to send them to.


I did enjoy my trip to Typo and will go again before Christmas to see what else the elves bring for the dedicated tribe of Typo followers.I would love to spend the day wrapping for Typo surrounded by monograms and glitter, as many notebooks as I could ever want and copper scissors. But Typo, if you will have me, could we make it the Chadstone store – the scene of my visit? Because your staff were lovely, helpful and even came around the side of the counter to hand me my bag of goodies. Also, it took me so long to master the carpark and labyrinthian (and as yet only minimally signed) layout of the newly expanded Chadstone, that I’d like to think I could put that hard earned knowledge to further use.

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