A Marbled Christmas

Let’s face it ….there are a squillion different Christmas looks from which to choose. The issue not finding one but choosing one. I am putting together a number of different looks for friends and clients for Christmas 2016. Some are traditional, some deliberately use colours not normally associated with this time of year and still others rely on texture or motif. Given my mantra is go with what you love, it is hardly a surprise that I am seriously drawn to a marbled Christmas.

There’s plenty you can do with the look of my favourite non-foliated metamorphic rock that forms when limestone is subjected to heat and pressure. Marble is usually a light-coloured rock, and, as geology.com tells us, when it is formed from a limestone with very few impurities, it will be white in colour which makes it great as a base on which to build or layer on other colours or textures. Marble that contains impurities such as clay minerals, iron oxides, or bituminous material can be bluish, gray, pink, yellow, or black in colour.

I first got excited about a marble (or marble look-a- like) Christmas when I spied the marble Christmas trees at Kmart. Made of marble and mango wood, these little beauties stand 25cm tall and 15.5cm wide. A stylish look for $8.00. I paired my tree with a little marble effect cardboard box, to which I tied a black ribbon around the lid only. A clever ribbon tip that looks great. The back ground paper is Vitner from Ikea.


I also like the complementary marble effect and wood reindeer, wouldn’t it look fabulous with rows of these little fellas lined up down the middle of the Christmas table sitting so beautifully along side the marble drink coasters?

MArble effect reindeer.jpg

Then I realised Kmart had mountains of marble touches that could take on a festive a festive feel (or not) depending on how you used them.

Marble Coasters Kmart.jpg
Marble Drink Coaster 4 for $6.00 at KMart

The paper creatives have also gone big on marble paper this year. Leading the pack is Melbourne based InkyCo.


Loving the marble wrap and styling from The Minimalist. They source unique, limited edition and designer made products from around the globe and their site is worth a look – v v v v beautiful indeed.

The Minimalist marble paper.jpg
Beautiful marble looks from the Minimalist

You could always go triple trend and wrap your presents in on-trend marble with on trend rose gold on on trend foil gift tags. Studio Silva is doing 5 A2 sheets of marble paper and 10 gift tags for $34.95, or 10 A2 sheets and 20 gift tags for $44.95 with free postage. Photography and styling by Eclectic Creative

Studio Silva.jpg

Studio Silva photography and styling by Eclectic Creative

There’s marble gift tags adorned with gold from San Francisco based Ferme a Papier.

Marble tags from Ferme a Papier

I am even recommending a sojourn into the DIY marble space space. While some DIY looks end up looking a little crafternoon folksy, the marble look tends tp rise above the pack to give a stylish look ever time. What about making these marble tags from Crafthunter? Or marbling paper and cards from the Queen herself Martha Stewart? Or the ultimate guide to the trials and errors of marbleising paper from the fabulously named A Beautiful Mess?


The more I look, the more marble I find. And the more I find the more I want. And because marble can be styled  not just for Christmas but all year round, I consider it an investment not a cost. At least that’s what I have convinced myself!

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