Baby Blue

Who knew there was so much to know about Baby Blue? Well I didn’t. It wasn’t until I wrapped a baby gift for a precious new arrival with a beautiful Baby Blue wire ribbon that it even crossed my mind. Baby Blue is a fabulous pastel, described by the ISCC Dictionary of Colour Names as a pale tint of azure.

According to A Dictionary of Color by Maerz and Paul New York:1930 McGraw-Hill Page 190, the first recorded use of Baby Blue as a colour name in English occurred in 1892.

Now Baby Blue -and its variants Bubbles (a pale tint of Baby Blue), Beau Blue (a light tone of Baby Blue widely used by interior designers), Baby Blue Eyes (a rich tone of baby blue) and Little Boy Blue (a deep tone of baby blue) are everywhere. Geez I hope my Baby Blue really is Baby Blue!

And that’s before we get to the 2016 Pantone Colour of the Year jointly held by the ubiquitous colours Serenity which Pantone was at pains to say was not Baby Blue. and its definitely not Baby Pink friend Rose Quartz.  No you know why your local home wares store is full to the brim with light blue and light pink mohair throws, pots, jars and bed linen.



The colours Baby Blue and Baby Pink have been used as gender signifiers since the 1940’s. Some people go with the Baby Blue for Boys, Baby Pink for Girls look. Others believe it is a stereotypical colour insult which is a blight on Western culture. Up to you.

All I know is that Baby Blue is a fabulous pastel colour that looks absolutely fabulous for a range of occasions. Yes I have chosen it for a newborn gift and yes the recipient was a little boy…but I also use Baby Blue for Christmas and Weddings and Birthdays and Mothers Day and any range of other occasions.

I am also just a little in love with the way I have used the Baby Blue ribbon on the lid only. I think it makes the gift look well….more gifty if that is possible…. like a proper over the top gift box . It also means I can use less ribbon than if I went all the way around the gift. The little white box was really really inexpensive but more than a bit bland so the yummy wide Baby Blue ribbon was just the thing to zjoosh it up.

I also love the card too with its Baby Blue lettering – but enough already! For today at least, it’s all over now Baby Blue.



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