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I could talk about Christmas wrapping paper all year round. Not all people share that same fascination. Certainly my husband doesn’t. But now  we are post Halloween, post Melbourne Cup, post Year 12 exams, post Thanksgiving (not an Aussie thing but you can’t avoid all that Pilgrimness, turkeyness and feasting online) and post Black Friday (which I did not even realise was an Aussie thing but clearly now is) I feel  we are now in peak wrapping season and so I have license to talk about wrapping paper until I run out of breath.

I am often asked what Christmas wrapping colours/looks are “in” this Christmas. I should start by saying that you should wrap with what you love to wrap with. But it it is equally true to say that certain wrapping looks do come in and out of style – and this year is no exception. The style mavens have been busy.

In 2016, the on trend looks are metallics, minimalist marbles, monochrome, hand lettering festive messages and the non-traditional colours of champagne pinks and powder blues.

There’s always bucket loads of bling at Christmas but this year there’s more sparkle than ever. Gold usually leads the pack but this year it’s rose gold and copper that are making a big impact. There’s a bit of stylish silver around paired with crisp white for a white on white on silver snow scape feel. The metallics are also shining through in ribbons and embellishments with mesh ribbons creating eye interest.

Marble has been particularly popular in homewares this year and that popularity has made its way into Christmas wrapping. Marble paper creates an understated minimalist look – perfect for those who want style without all the flounces and flourishes of patterns and big bows. Marble goes with any colour scheme,  is perfect for males and females of all ages and looks smashing with a black knotted ribbon tie.

There’s little to beat a monochrome pattern so it’s little wonder black and white prints are big in 2016. From traditional Christmas motifs to geometrics, black and white looks festively fabulous and really pops with a bright ribbon, raffia or twine.

In keeping with the huge popularity of calligraphy and hand lettering, festive message feature strongly on wrapping paper this year. Big bold brush strokes and messages such as Happy Holidays, Merry and Bright and Tis the Season are all the go. Opt for smaller lettering and messages because the bigger the lettering the more it will be lost on smaller packages.

Every year, there are usually one or two non- traditional Christmas colours that makes their way into Christmas looks and wrapping. This year its champagne pink and powder blues, no doubt as a nod to Rose Quartz and Serenity the Pantone colours of the year. Paired with a metallic ribbon or embellishment, particularly rose gold, these more pastely options look contemporary and cool.


I am also often asked how to choose a colour scheme for wrapping. We all know there is no right or wrong colour scheme, but is it important to create a unified look. If you go for a different look every year – and many people love this process and challenge – then look to your tableware, homewares, furnishing style and Christmas tree to make sure your colour palette and style is in alignment with those.

Then choose only two wrapping papers that complement each other – one plain (either white, black, kraft brown or the solid colour of your choice) and one patterned that picks up on your feature colour.  Create combinations using these two papers, belli bands (or strips of paper round the middle of a gift) and matching embellishments. This kraft brown and red combo from Ikea follows that pattern. Then resist all temptation to buy other fabulous paper and tags you see.

The other option is to build on your looks from previous years. That entails picking the strongest colour or colour that stands out most in your collection of papers and decorations and building on that. This will mean you are staying largely within the same colour palette but it will certainly be one you like and you are building it up over the years. That’s what my sister does with gold and white and I get it.

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