Just One Qantas Magazine

Around Christmas time I spend a fair bit of time on planes travelling to wrapping workshops and presentations and in store gift wrapping events. As a wrapper, if you are not going to be busy in November and December, you should hang up your scissors and double sided tape.

Even though there is always plenty of reading and writing and thinking and planning to do en route, I must confess to an occasional sneaky peek at the QANTAS magazine ( I usually fly QANTAS – the Rain Man Statistic continues to speak to me). And because I look at the world through a gift wrapped prism, the December issue said gift wrapping to me.


Monochrome wintery scenes and luxury watches that my husband would love and expanses of glossy fabulous colour –  all waiting to be reborn as wrapping. I am sure QANTAS would not mind me purloining a copy of the magazine to create a fabulous gift wrap – the SUDOKU had already been done and the decent restaurant reviews long since torn out. I am going to take that as a yes.

I’ve created a number of QANTAS Magazine wraps that I really quite like and I think the recipients will too – can’t wait to see their face when I tell them where the wrap came from.

All High end magazines are a great source of wrapping paper for smaller gifts  – not only do they generally provide stunning images but they are a great last minute backup if (heaven forbid) you don’t have any wrapping paper. I would, however, take great care to ensure you are not cutting up someone’s favourite or unread magazine – not everyone may be as forgiving as QANTAS.

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