How to wrap an entire CD collection

Remember the days of the CD tower? C’mon I know a few of you do! Perhaps the ugliest piece of furniture ever created despite numerous attempts at designer versions, has now been consigned to the pages of history thanks to internet streaming. But here’s the thing. While internet streaming is up there with space travel as one of man’s most clever advancements – sometimes it’s nice to have your CD collection available anywhere, anytime, without internet access or a subscription.

That’s why I was a bit fascinated to learn about Disc Exodus – the brainchild of an IT savvy husband and wife team whose clever little machines perform automatic batch ripping of CD’s and DVD’s. I just like saying the phrase batch ripping.

This is perfect for those who have rare recordings that aren’t available online, or specific versions of tracks or those who want to listen to music where there’s little or no coverage for streaming. That’s before we even get to rediscovering your CD collection  (a  bit like shopping your wardrobe) and last, but not least the cleansing joy of decluttering.

CD converters can choose from 3 options. There’s your standard option where you load your collection on to ‘spindles’ provided by Disc Exodus who will then collect them, convert them, and return them. There’s your premium option where your collection is picked up, loaded and converted by Disc Exodus, and then returned with converted music ready to enjoy. And then there’s your DIY option for those (like my husband) who could not bear to let his collection out of his sight. These lovely (albeit obsessive people) people can rent the equipment and perform the task themselves.

My sister used the service and she is thrilled. All her precious CD’s and those collected by her husband ( I make no comment as to their taste in music) on one teensie weensie USB stick – no kidding. Brilliant! She suggested this would make for a great Christmas present for someone and I reckon that’s a real winner.

So I have wrapped the teensie weensie CD laden USB and to offset its teensie weensieness, I have paired it with a jumbo tag. Playing with proportion is indeed a fine thing. Not sure the jumbo tag is decluttering approved, but I’m holding tight to the fact it could be regifted. Yes I ‘ve wrapped a good many things, but this is the first time I have gift wrapped an entire CD collection.

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