Five More Fab Last Minute Wraps

Well it seems that there are many of us who love buying gifts and absolutely appreciate receiving them but who maybe, just maybe (judging by the response to my blog Five Fab Last Minute Gift Wraps) leave wrapping them to the last minute.

This definitely calls for Five More Fab Last Minute Wraps – wraps that you can achieve at the last minute while still making the gift look rather flash.

I had it in my head that this first fabulous suggestion was obvious until I realised that not everyone’s world revolves around gift wrapping (can’t believe it myself but there you go). Therefore I draw your attention to printables – where wonderful creatives design paper patterns and make them available for you to download and print out on your home printer. These little trees from The Printable Studio.


Sure, there are some versions where you have to be a paid member to access to the prints, but there are many many wonderful printables out there which are absolutely free provided you do not run the patterns off in a commercial sense -that simply wouldn’t be fair wrapping. Other than that important, printables are a wonderful last minute alternative for small gifts or larger gifts if you tape a couple of pieces together hiding the seam with ribbon or twine. What about these pink lovelies from The Proper Blog?


The first cousins of the printable gift paper are free decoration templates which you can use to to adorn your gifts. I quite love the snowflake shape from Martha Stewart. I even have a snowflake video for you from Martha Stewart – what more could you ever need?

Next up, the trusty envelope. It is very very easy to make an envelope out of any paper you have at home. Photocopy paper, paper off cuts, graph or grid paper, lined paper from partly used exercise books, paper from shopping bags.

The envelope is the perfect package for a gift card or other slim line gift. Cut paper to a rectangle such that the length is about three times the width. With the pattern side face down, fold in each long side of the house – about the width of your double sided tape. Bring the top two corners to the centre so that it looks a bit like a skinny house with a roof. Fold the piece of paper just below the triangular roof in half to create an envelope shape and affix the sides with double sided tape or glue or any tape you can get your hands on. Use a sticker to glue the flap down or create a hole with a one hole or two hole punch, by pulling a ribbon or twine through the holes and tying a bow.


Next..newspaper. I love wrapping with newspaper, especially newspaper from overseas. Any newspaper or magazine will do of course – and it doesn’t take much to match the section of the newspaper to the interests of the recipient. Try the crossword, or Sudoku, the sports pages, the cartoons. the foodie pages, the fashion pages or the financial pages (especially when the stock market is going up).


Wrap 4 – You’ve got Mail – wrap your gift in plain paper – photocopy paper, brown paper, or even large newspaper advertisements with an expanse of plain coloured paper… then draw around the edges to resemble an air mail envelope. Or, in the case of the image from Pintrest below, use coloured twine to do the work for you.. If you have a used stamp you can lay your hands on – you can affix it or you could draw your own stamp. You can also print off (first cousin of aforesaid printables) an email letter template from which you can also create and download your own stamp . Most of us have an image on a camera roll we could whip out for this purpose.


Finally – because many of us have succumbed to the adult colouring in book craze – why not introduce a bit of monochrome wonder with the as yet unused pages of said colouring in book. My version also reflects another of this year’s style statements – monstrea – so I am giving myself a double high five on this one. No colouring in books lying around? No worries – you can always just google the name of the image you are after followed by the words colouring in and up will pop no end of black and white wonders to print out.


Playing with these wraps made me seriously ponder why I don’t leave my wrapping to the last minute well after the shops have shut all of the time. Keep those last minute wrapping suggestions coming in – I’d love to do five more and five more and five more and five more……..

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