Bigger is Better

I am a bit drawn to the manipulation of shape and form. I love normal things in large sizes and everyday items in miniature. That’s why there could be no better summer holiday road trip for me than a grand tour around Australia’s big icons. There just comes a time when bigger is better.

I could start with the big fruits – The Big Apple in Stanthorpe, the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour (the 40+ year old sculpture is said to be the very first of Australia’s “Big Things”), the Big Cherries in Young , the Big Mandarin in Mundubbera or any one of the three Big Oranges – in Gayndah Queensland, Berri South Australia or Harvey WA. A sentimental favourite is the recently restored Big Pineapple (which in its heyday had an accompanying nut-mobile on which Princess Di travelled). I could round all that fruit off with a visit to the Big Fruit Bowl in Bilpin NSW.

The Big Pineapple
The Big Pineapple. Source: Architecture and Design

Of course there’s other big foods. There’s the Big Cheese in Bega, the Big Chook in Moonbi, the Big Milkshake in Warrnambool, the Big Oyster at Taree and its sister crustacean the Big Prawn at Ballina. I have a soft spot for the rather unfortunately shaped Big Potato at Robertson in NSW mainly because my husband grew up in the district where everyone likened the structure to a large bodily function and even more so because it was recently described as “the most underwhelming big thing in Australia” on Trip Advisor. Definitely nt underwhelming is the Big Trout at Adaminaby in the Snowy Mountains or the 11m long and 6m wide Murray Cod at Swan Hill.

Big birds and animals – yessiree – the Big Bull in Rockhampton. The Big Cassowary at Mission Beach, The Big Koala at Dadswell’s Bridge standing 14m high and weighing 12 tonnes is worth a squiz as is the Big Merino at Goulburn, the Big Ram at Wagin in WA and the Big Tasmanian Devil which guards the entrance to the Trowunna Wildlife Park at Mole Creek in Tassie. The Big Penguin at the coastal town Penguin also in Tasmania is a must because my husband’s great grandfather spent time as the harbour master there.

What about the Big Captain Cook in Cairns or the Big Ned Kelly at Glenrowan? We have The Big Easel in Emerald, the Big Golden Guitar at Tamworth, not to mention another Big Guitar at Narrandera which at nearly 6m long is the world’s largest playable guitar.

Tully has the Big Gumboot. The Big Miner at the Bobby Dazzler Mine  in Rubydale Queensland is also home to the Big Spanner, Big Sapphire and the Big Pick and Shovel. The World’s Biggest Rocking Horse (complete with three observation decks)  is located in Gumeracha in South Australia. And possibly saving the best till last…This Big Wine Cask at Buronga is 8m high, 11m long and 7m wide and could hold up to 400 000 litres of wine if filled.

Big Wine Cask
More than a few drinks in the Big Wine Cask

Yes I do love big things and after a big Christmas wrapping season, my mind wandered to wrapping jumbo items and, may I say, I was spoiled for choice. These big wraps are every bit as fabulous as the big wine cask if that is possible.

Love this aircraft all wrapped up at Brisbane airport in December.

plane gift wrapped
How many rolls of wrapping paper did they use for this project?

And sticking with my airborne theme, how about this dazzling wrap from the US Airforce? You’d need a lot of double sided tape to keep that paper affixed at Mach 1.

Top Wrap from the US Airforce.

I haven’t yet had a yearning to wrap a seat of national government, but if I did, I would take my cue from Christo and Jeanne Claude who wrapped the Reichstag.

Wrap the Reichstag
Christo and Jeanne Claude wrap the Reichstag

Yet inspired as I am by Christo and Jeanne Claude, I would have to seriously practise my pleating before wrapping an island.

Gift Wrapped Islands
Christo and Jeanne gift wrap islands with both pleats and ease.

I tell you what else would test my pleating skills – wrapping as Gift Wrapping Royalty Arona Khan did when she wrapped this stiletto for Visa.

Gift Wrapped Shoe
Arona Khan’s statement shoe wrap

From big pleats to big bows. Bows, bows, you know I like bows. Which is why this jumbo DIY number from Oh Happy Day Party Shop took my eye. Pencil this in for my next girl’s weekend.

Large Pink Bow
Can a pink bow ever be too big? This beauty from O Happy Day Party Shop

More bows…yes please.

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Yes, I could get seriously addicted to big bows. I could use them to wrap a big garage, or a big door or a big window or maybe even a big Australian trout. Bigger is definitely better.

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