Let’s Be Clear

We all go through cycles on baby showers.  One moment there is a baby shower every week and then things seem to go quiet. It’s the rhythm of life. I do enjoy a baby shower – not only because the inexplicably odd party games speak to my competitive streak – but because it gives me the opportunity to wrap baby shower presents and favours.

I am noticing two trends: one of which is rather cute and the other, as a gift wrapper, I am not so sure about. Firstly I am noticing a trend back to the parents to be waiting until the big day to know the gender of their precious bundle of joy. It was only a few years ago it seemed absolutely everyone wanted to know whether the little one was to be a boy or a girl and everything was planned with military precision from there. The nursery styling – tick, the clothing – tick, the baby shower and announcements – tick. A colour coordinated feat of epic proportions. But in a world where we increasingly have access to information about everything, seems some parents are opting for an old school moment of utter surprise and joy in the delivery room. It’s an individual choice!

The second trend I have recently read about relates to baby shower gift wrapping. Now that is something that really peaks my interest. According to Beth Whitehouse from Newsday some baby shower invitations request that guests bring their shower gifts unwrapped (shock horror) or wrapped in clear wrap or cellophane only to save time in the ritual gift unwrapping ceremony. If we are being brutally honest this can drag on a bit when the time could be better used for important things like guessing the girth of the mother to be or taking as many pegs off a laundry line with one hand as you can. These are important and transferable life skills.

Using the clear wrapping method, the guest of honour can simply lift up the gift, admire it and move on. Alternatively, the gifts can be placed on a table and everyone can inspect them – a bit like a silent auction except there is no bidding. Just looking with a bit of a comparative eye.

I am not quite sure what to make of all of this. I would not like to go against the specific request of the guest of honour but bringing a gift unwrapped or wrapped in clear cellophane is a little confronting for me. I like to wrap little parcels and if I can go with a boy or girl theme it sits all the better for my inner matchy matchy. So when it came to wrapping little gifts for an upcoming baby shower I confess I reverted to type… and wrapped parcels with blue checks for a little man. Yes…it’s somewhat conservative but I do love the simplicity and the chance to feature slightly different bows. Methinks simplicity should be a trend.


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