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The gift-wrapping world seldom stands still. As the seasons come and go, new wrapping paper patterns and styles emerge daily as well as no end of creative ways to embellish gifts of all shapes and sizes. But I’d have to say it’s a rare day that an entirely new product emerges – one that has the potential to turn the gift wrapping world upside down and roundabout.

I have long been a fan of world famous wrapper Jane Means and follow her social media with great interest because I believe she sets the standard when it comes to wrapping gifts. So, you can imagine my interest when I discovered that she had signed on as an ambassador for a new product called instawrap® lick and stick wrapping paper. Are you kidding me? Is this the end of double sided tape as we know it?

Watch Jane’s instawrap® video here.

According to its makers instawrap® is fun, quick and easy to use, 100% recyclable, has zero taste on the licky sticky bit and is vegan friendly. Tell me more……instawrap® is a British invention protected by UK and International patent applications. The entire surface area of the patterned and the non-patterned sides are coated with a taste free moisture activated glue which when activated secures the wrap with no need for sticky tape or extra fastenings.

There have been attempts to create lick and stick wrapping paper before but the idea didn’t stick largely because only one side of the paper was coated with glue and that did not support the full range of ways people cut, fold and position paper when they wrap. The glue on the previous attempts also had serious limitations in addition to tasting horrible.

I had to know more. I tracked down the creators of instawrap® – a task in itself as the creators Craig and Gary have been inundated with interest in their product since it launched at Spring Fair in Birmingham in February. These guys are serious about their wrap for many reasons, not the least because of its positive environmental impact. instawrap® removes the need for sticky tape which is not recyclable. Craig and Gary also reason their paper will speak to the perfectionists who crave crisp edges and fabulous finishes free of unsightly sticky tape.

I asked the guys to send me some samples for a genuinely objective review– and to my delight a canister of instawrap® wound its way across the globe to me.

I have spent a few fascinating days experimenting with instawrap® .
Such fun. It has a glossier, slipperier feel than most gift-wrapping paper which you would expect due to the adhesive. It is extremely easy to use, there is no taste to the glue and when she’s stuck she’s stuck. There is a grid on the non-patterned side meaning it’s easy to cut and there is a clever bonus pattern on the grid side which allows you to create a paper bow in two sizes. Bonus! And because the paper is adhesive, cards, tags and decorations adhere to it with ease. Double bonus!

The non patterned side of Instawrap has a template for two sizes of paper bow.

The product is sensational for prisms and wraps that don’t require a lot of folds or gathering (which generally require paper with a fair bit of give in any event).

I like some of the original Nordic inspired patterns though some of the colours appear a bit muted and the patterns with writing look dated to me – but the magic is in the science and the stick and let’s face it… you can always add new patterns to the range such as the recently released Watery Flowers pattern which I just love.

Instawrap watery flowers.jpg

This is more than a novelty product – though it will appeal to those looking for the latest and greatest innovation and teachers who will be in seventh heaven because making paper chains just got a whole lot easier and ripe for mathematics activities with the grid pattern . It’s a genuine addition to the gift wrap and crafting world. This is a product to watch because I am predicting that instawrap® will quickly turn into an Insta WOW.

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