Stack Em High

I am more than a bit partial to the gift stack … Two or more gifts for the one recipient piled one on top of the other to create an abundant look of great promise.

I am not at all suggesting that you spend lots more on gifts or you put yourself in a position where one gift is not sufficient  (because any gift at all is a gift).

Rather, I am suggesting if you want to mix your wrapping look up a bit, consider setting a budget and then buying a number of smaller items that will bring great joy. You can buy the gifts throughout the year and pop them away for Christmas, a birthday or another special occasion.

When it comes to wrapping a stack you can go full matchy matchy by using the same colour paper or paper from the same collection. Or you can go same type of pattern (floral, geometric, stripes, cartoons) but completely different papers and colours. In this case it will be the type of pattern that ties the look together. You can even proudly clash your papers with pattern and colours so wildly mismatched that they kind of actually match.

Present Stack

And while it might be stating the bleeding obvious to place the largest item on the bottom of the stack and work through to the smallest, you can actually achieve lovely looks by stacking wrapped boxes of the same size one on top of the other or placing irregularly shaped wraps atop a more regular shape.

Whatever your style, it’s the stacking that is the feature here. So stack ’em high and watch them fly.

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