Ribbon Roll Out

This early October Ribbon Roll Out features open weave metallics, a few thoughts on matte curling ribbon and great value extra wide ribbon finds.

Open Weave Metallics Lead the Way

Metallics are on a roll ( pun intended) in ribbons this Christmas and open weave metallics are leading the way. I love Lumi in antique gold, copper, silver as well as the on trends colours of gunmetal and iridescent from Vandoros Fine Packaging as well as the Stretch Mesh from Barama and the metallic woven gold cord from InkyCo. The upside is you don’t need much of these metallics to create a luxe look. The downside is these ribbons are at the more expensive end of the retail price scale at between $2.50 to $2.75 per metre. I say worth it for a statement gift.

Vandoros Lumi
Beautiful Lumi Ribbon from Vandoros Fine Packaging.    Photo: Daily Wrap

Matte Curling Ribbon Worth A Try

I am on the record as not being a huge fan of curling ribbon and most certainly not the thin garish shiny version that can look – well – rather stingy. I have to admit that having a close look at the matte versions from Finmark has changed my mind.

Finmark redpebblesribbon
Matte curling ribbon from Finmark. Photo from Finmark

The upside is that the 19mm plus width options are a classier look than the thinner varieties and the curling ribbon is definitely far cheaper than most ribbons of the same width. The 31mm and 50mm versions definitely make an impact. The downside is that the paper-like material scrunches quite easily and won’t take an untie and retie. The curling effect is also, to my eye, not for everyone and is probably best left for fun, colourful party looks.

Best Value Wide Ribbons

The only thing I like more than a beautiful wide ribbon is a beautiful wide ribbon at a great price. That’s why I am keen with the festive ribbon reveals at Costco who top up their standard selection with a few new styles every year.

This year I am loving the double Marsala and olive double satin and the red and green ombré silk styled number. I also continue to love the extra wide red and green double sided satin from years past. The upside is the price at just under $12.00 for 50 yards. The downside is you have to be a Costco member or know someone who is and you have to get in quickly as the best styles literally walk out of the store.

These ribbons do look abundant and at the price you can afford to use them on a few more presents than more expensive ribbon options.

I would love to hear about your favourite ribbons, so I can roll out some more ribbon rollouts before Christmas.  You can never have too much good information about a good ribbon.





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