Seasonal Wrappers

I just love Christmas and I just love wrapping gifts. For me, it really is the most wonderful time of the year. And the best part is, I get to work with other keen wrappers so we can share ideas and techniques and a whole of fun.

This time of year, I am also looking for people to join my seasonal wrapping team to wrap gifts for others.

How much fun – getting paid to gift wrap!! In particular, I am would love to add a few more talented wrappers to my Sydney squad.

So if you live in Sydney, or know someone in Sydney or know someone who knows someone who knows someone who lives in Sydney and would be available from mid December through to Christmas eve, then I would like to hear from you or them.

To be considered, applicants must be have attended one of my Gift Wrapping Workshops and be a confident and polished wrapper who just loves gift presentation. It is important that applicants have attended one of my workshops so we can meet each other and have a shared understanding of wrapping presentation and consistency which is essential don’t you think? The next workshop is on Tuesday 31 October and you can book here.

So Sydney seasonal wrappers, send your resume to  Viv at  And because in a way we are all seasonal wrappers, so I would love to hear any Christmas wrapping ideas and seasonal touches you may have as we head into the most wonderful time of the year.



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