Graphite Gift Wrap in its Element

Earlier this year my daughter chose a graphite coloured paper as the signature gift wrapping paper for her new Brisbane Retail Store. I was very dubious to say the least.

I was worried that it would be a little too dour and that it would not be suitable for a wide enough range of recipients. Would it work, I pondered, for males and females, teenagers, toddlers, anniversaries, thank yous or weddings?

Well in a phrase I use rarely in front of my daughter – I was wrong. I started wrapping with graphite coloured papers and I’ve never looked back.

Graphite Wrapping Paper with Hot Pink Ribbon
Plain graphite coloured paper forms the perfect canvas for birthday gifts and pop colours.Ā 

Now I am seeing graphite coloured paper everywhere in the lead up to this festive season and I couldn’t be happier that graphite is taking its place at the Christmas Table if not at the Periodic Table.

Because graphite is now important to me I felt compelled to dig a little deeper – I now know that graphite doesn’t make an appearance on the Periodic Table because it is not an element – it’s a polymorph of carbon which is element 6. Carbon of course comes in many different forms depending on the arrangement of the atoms or allotropes. My friend graphite is one of the eight allotropes (or different molecular structures). Diamond is another. Must talk to my daughter about diamond gift wrapping paper.

Graphite plain paper forms a wonderful canvas on which to build any wrap and goes particularly well with rose gold and copper embellishments.

Graphite also looks rather fabulous in a tone on tone effect and with the range of matching ribbons out this year in a range of weaves and textures, you can achieve a very sophisticated look very easily.

Graphite Gfit Stack Vandoros
Beautiful plain graphite coloured paper with sparkly ribbons for a sophisticated feel. Photo Vandoros Fine Packaging

While I love plain graphite paper, there are also some lovely patterns around with a graphite background. Far from somber, these patterns can have a festive woodland or chalkboard feel and are well suited to embellishments such as belli bands and pinwheels.


Graphite gift stacks, glittering graphite ribbons, graphite patterned pinwheels and belli bands. It certainly must be my year of graphite – backed up by the fact I also visited a Graphite Mine in Madagascar (long story – another time) where I saw piles of large flake graphite glistening in the sun. I am going to make the most of glistening graphite for Christmas 2017 – I really will be in my element.

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