Six Sweet Gift Wraps for Mothers Day

I love it when a new range of gift wrap comes out from one of my favourite fine packaging companies. The beautiful floral wrap called Chloe is right on trend– and I have been dreaming of the best ways to use it ever since I was first afforded a sneak peak of it. Well now I have both the paper and the reason to wrap because this pattern is my top pick for Mothers’ Day .

Chloe comes in three colours – musk, apricot and neon. I wrapped a range of gifts with the musk. Yes…this pinky floral is a somewhat traditional take on the traditional Mothers’ Day look – but when the paper is this beautiful, why not?

So here we go…

Beautiful boxes and scrumptious ribbons

It s such a joy to wrap boxes of all dimensions with high quality 80 gsm paper – so my only choice was which ribbon to choose. The satin pearl copper/gold, the mint satin with gold stitch, or the Cameo pink/gold nutcracker? I always give my Mother lots of little gifts which I collect all year and which I then get to wrap – so I tried one wrap with each of the ribbon options.

I do like the blush satin and the double bow. I like the mint but wonder if it is a little too much in a crossover bow. I really really like the  pink nutcracker – the gold of that ribbon brings out the gold detailing in the paper beautifully. Each of the three work for Mothers’ Day.

Round and Round

Some say wrapping a cylindrical object represents a bit of wrapping challenge – but it’s not as hard as you think and the results are certainly worth it. My top tips (besides practising on some scrap paper first) would be to use a paper with a relatively small pattern that does not require matching and to use a ribbon wide enough to cover the paper seams.

The Chloe pattern would not want to be any larger for this size wrap  as the flowers would not be visible in all their splendour. You would not want your paper to be any thicker than the 80gsm of Chloe either as it would become harder to gently pull and fold.

The cylindrical wrap is perfect for many candles and scents, as well as vases, and tins of gourmet goodies such as biscuits, tea and confectionary – this tin is full of scrumptious barley sugars I picked up for my mum in the UK.

I have also gone for a bit of a statement bow here. I have deployed the double three ring bow with the side run of the ribbon cheekily covering the seams at the sides and place where the paper meets at the top and base of the gift. I used a 25 cm pink grosgrain because it sits well when made into the bow.


Who has a Sweet Tooth?

Chocolate is a perennial Mothers’ Day favourite and there are a lot of options for Mothers with a sweet tooth. One of my go to ideas is to buy some of the yummiest blocks of chocolate you can find (taste test the chocolate blocks beforehand if you need to – it’s all for a good cause) and wrap it in your beautiful paper. This is a great way to save pennies and make a pretty gift at the same time. Smaller chocolate bars wrapped this way make great party favours and bonbonniere too.

Chloe Chocolates.JPG

Gift Bag

I am not a huge fan of the homemade gift bag. My main concern is that no matter how you construct it and how much tape you use, the base always seems a little flimsy to me. The gift bag is, however, a life saver for lighter goods and unusually shaped items and I think my version as come up a treat in the Chloe pattern, especially when teamed with the nutcracker ribbon for handles.

Chloe Carry Bag.JPG

Bon Bon Ces’t Bon

The bon bon is not just for Christmas – no way. Bon bons make a lovely addition to any table and Mothers’ Day bon bons top the list of touching touches. You fill the bon bon with heartfelt messages for mum in lieu of a little gift ( or what the heck – have a message and a gift – Mum deserves it). I did messages and little nail polish bon bons for one of my friends and it went down a treat..

The bon bon can be made in any size, though obviously the smaller the fiddlier. I covered some cardboard rolls in my pretty Chloe paper and secured with thin gold cord. I did try some thin ribbon but it looked a bit chunky whereas the gold chord went perfectly and allowed the pattern to take centre stage.

Chloe Bon Bon.JPG

 Surprise Inside

If you want to give your Mother a hand written note – there’s no better way to make your stationery look extra special than to line the envelope. This is super easy to do, doesn’t use much paper and is a great way to use up your paper remnants. You could also pop a gift voucher in your beautifully lined envelope – although I wouldn’t do that for my Mother as she is not a gift voucher believer. She’d much prefer a gift however small and preferably homemade. No one rocks a pasta necklace like my mother.

Chloe Envelope.JPG

Cheers to Chloe and Mum!

I love working with this paper and making beautiful Mothers’ Day gifts even more beautiful. So cheers to the impossibly pretty Choe pattern – the perfect choice for gifts for mum. Now …onto the neon version?



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