Five Mother’s Day Gift Wrapping Trends

Of all of the designated “days” throughout the year – Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, Fathers’ Day, St Patrick’s Day through to Donut day and even Talk Like a Pirate Day – one day stands above all other’s – Mother’s Day.

Australians are predicted to spend close to $2 billion on Mother’s Day this year. That’s a lot of dining out, flowers, chocolates, pamper sessions and vouchers for sky diving. But, it’s also a lot of physical gifts too – which means a lot of gift wrapping. The great thing about mums is that they generally love whatever they receive and however it’s wrapped. But for those who like to keep up with the latest wrapping trends or who have a trendy mother (or both) there are some wonderful wrap looks emerging for Mother’s Day 2019.

Whimsical Nature

This year it’s all about nature – and the next iteration of the hugely popular botanicals that have dominated for the last couple of years. Like them I might, but I am well over Monstera leaves and tiring quickly of banana leaf patterns. From Vandoros Fine Packaging comes the beautiful Meadow in white, champagne, sage and soft dove grey. Also from Vandoros comes the equally whimsical Papillon in white and sage although it took me three goes to spell Papillon. This is quite a delicate and subtle pattern. It would look simply beautiful with sage coloured ribbon. 

Meadow Pattern Photo Credit: Vandoros Fine Packaging

Peach not Pinks

I dont know if it’s the influence of Pantone’s Colour of the Year Living Coral (yes I know Coral is not peach but it’s heading in that direction) or whether it’s a genuine case of pretty pink for mum fatigue, but I am seeing a lot more beautiful gift wraps in peaches this year.  I am thinking of Fox and Fallow Peach Wanderlust and of course with Inky Co Serenity you can have a few dollars each way. Bee Dees Watercolour wrap in Peach is also worth a look.

Wanderlust Peach Photo Credit: Fox and Fallow

Big Bold Patterns

I also don’t know who decided that all Mothers = florals because a lot of mums love fabulous bold colour and patterns. One of my favourite new patterns is Pebble from Vandoros. It’s part Bamm Bamm part Dinosaur Designs and it’s big and it’s bold. I love the Navy version. Still deciding what I think about the Dove Grey and the champagne colourways. I am not quite so in love with the complementary paper in this range known as figment but I suspect my daughter would love it. Which is why she also loves Amelia from WrapCo.

Animal Prints

I was wandering through the self proclaimed fashion Capital Chadstone Shopping Centre in Melbourne’s south east last week and could not fail to miss the amount of aminal prints in the fashion outlets from bargain stores to high end brand names. I should have been surprised because it appears animal prints are the new neutral. And if they are the new neutral and your mum is on trend – and many are because someone must be buying all these fabulous animal print pieces and outfits – then I would suggest an animal print for you. I don’t know if I could do a snakeskin print -though the team at Barama obviously thinks I can. I could definitely do Ocelot from Wrap Co and if I lost my nerve I could use the Ocelot as a belli band – a touch of drama without going OTT. Brown Paper Packaging has a fab Zebra print in both white on kraft and bronze on kraft.

Organic and Earthy Eco Chic

This is not so much as a trend but a movement. Many mums are most conscious about their environmental choices and even more so when it comes to things like wrapping. So if you want to spoil mum while making a choice she will approve of, be mindful of the paper you choose. No glitter, flock or plasitc coated paper – make it recyclable and preferably reusable. The sisters at Rosie Lou lead the way with environmentally friendly prints and have some lovely fun designs on recyclable paper with vegan ink – but the sheets at 420 x 594mm are not necessarily suitable for large gifts. There are some beautiful kraft brown papers with stunning patterns – Vandoros have taken their hugely popular Botanica print and put it to kraft while Inky Co Floral Tribe has lovely proteas on Kraft also.

If you want to avoid the use of ink altogether, choose a plain kraft and pair it with a lovely ribbon in mum’s favourite colour (or an animal print come to think)  that can be reused or some funky twine. Best of all you could always channel your inner Marie Condo and wrap mum’s gift in fabric, repurposing some of the fabric in clothes you are discarding because they no longer spark joy. Furoshiki is popular and friendly on the planet. It’s just not that fabulous for larger gifts – so it you plan on buying mum a whipper snipper or a high pressure gurney, you’d do best best to take a picture of it, and wrap the picture in some this year’s on trend paper instead. Mum will applaud your ingenuity.

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