30 Ways to Keep Yourself Stretched During Self Isolation

One way or another most of us will be spending a lot of time at home in the coming weeks. But if we are fortunate enough to be well, once we’ve watched all the slow speed Netflix we can possibly stomach and rediscovered the lost art of conversation, we’ll be looking for other options. I could suggest you practise gift wrapping all day but that would be a stretch even for me. 

Current circumstances provide an opportunity to do some things that will stretch mind, body and soul and that can’t be a bad thing. Even better if the stretching, literally and figuratively, is free or at a minimum very low cost. With that in mind, here is my initial stretched itinerary – 30 Ways to Keep Yourself Stretched During Self Isolation – by learning, puzzling, crafting, self-caring and organising.

Learning – Stretch your brain!!

Learning from anywhere in the world! Image: Dailywrrap

Puzzling – Stretching the Brain in the Other Direction!!

  • Try Words with Friends – competitive scrabble in a virtual group – my nonagenarian mother is playing with her two granddaughters and beating them might I add. 
  • My mother is not, however, quite as good in the virtual charades games my sister is leading over out WhatsApp family group chat. Really Mum – how could anyone confuse Dances with Wolves and Bambi? Best we’re honest before we get to Voice charades!
  • Learn origami  – make hearts, paper ninja stars or stockpile Christmas decorations – fabulous in newspaper or magazine paper that you aren’t forced to repurpose.
  • Make an infinite paper flipper  – infinite hours of fun 
  • Learn how to master the Rubik’s Cube – who hasn’t wanted to do this? 
  • Dust off your Jigsaws – and for the A type personalities – time yourself to complete each one. Want a stretch goal? Teach yourself the Wallace and Gromit skill of stop animation to capture your jigsaw progress using a free stop animation app 
  • Investigate gaming with others – eg kongregate. It boasts 126 813 free games though some look a little violent for me
  • And who could go past a legathon? Not just for AFOLS! Best Lego Activities Ever is a top resource but there are dozens and should you long for lego but don’t have the bricks you could always stretch your nerd language working through the Lego Glossary of Terms.
Embrace the brick. These cardboard boxes don’t hurt when your stand on them. Image: Dailywrap

Crafting – Stretch your creativity and your fine motor skills!

  • Create handmade cards so you have a stash. There’s tons of instructions and videos from which to choose, particularly pop up greeting cards which pack an extra punch. 
  • Make your own envelopes
  • Make a batch of play doh for the little ones or the slightly older ones who love a little bit of modelling
  • Create/ update photo albums and put captions to physical or digital photos 
  • Make a gift for a family member/friend about to have a bub. Check out Feltmagnet . My favourite is the crocheted sandals from the Misadventures of Handmade. I can’t crochet but maybe I could teach myself that too because those bubba sandals are seriously soooooo cute.
  • Make a photo frame for all those special snaps.
Truly too cute. Surely I could learn to crochet these. Image: The Misadventures of Handmade

Self Caring – Stretch the body and the spirit

  • Write a list of 100 quotes you love – and share with others 
  • Undertake tasks with your non dominant hand – from drawing patterns to cleaning your teeth. 
  • Stretch – yes exercise is essential but so is stretching given so many of us spend a lot of time at a desk – or perhaps in coming weeks  – on a couch. Stretching for just 10 minutes a day can make a major difference, is a confined spaces winner and doesn’t require a visit to the gym. 
  • Make and pop on a homemade face mask made with fresh herbs and veggies. Everyone looks better with a couple of cucumbers on their eyes
  • Ditto pore cleaner or deep conditioner. You could even share pics for a laugh.
  • Learn a new style of dancing – Bollywood, belly dancing, line dancing in a line of one, or play the classic Jane Fonda workout tapes. If you’re like me and  could look and listen to Tristan Mc Manus all day long so do check out his cha cha lesson on Facebook and remember #dancelikenooneswatching
Turn your herbs into a face mask. These herbs are from my other sister’s garden. The sister that doesn’t do charades. Image: Dailywrap.

Organising – Stretch that’s sense of achievement

“I love a good fold but a roll has its place.i’mage: Dailywrap.

In fairness to my husband, I probably should add in a final point in this organising section  – sort your gift wrapping ribbons by type, colour and length using the smaller remnants to create a collage while resisting the temptation to reclassify the items you have unearthed in your pantry as present toppers. That would be a stretch goal. Vielen Dank für das Lesen meines Blog. 

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