How to choose a Christmas theme

Every year I pick a colour scheme for wrapping gifts, the table and the tree. Yes, it’s all wrapping to me!

I pick quick and I make it stick because with so many choices out there it’s easy to lose focus and find yourself buying things which don’t work with the look.

This year I used the same process that I always do. I narrow it down to two looks … One traditional (think red, green, gold, silver, white) and one in a pop or non traditional palette ( think hot pink, sunny yellow, cool mint, chalkboard or ecclesiastical purple).

This year it was a tough choice because hot pink kept speaking to me but in the end I decided to act as I counsel others. Go with a theme that firstly looks fresh and that you can reconfigure not just for Christmas but on other occasions. Secondly select a theme that is relatively easy for others to join in with.

So I have gone with beautiful white and gold for 2015. Note I put white first. Gold is big this year, far bigger than it’s sibling silver. Thanks to The Block, there’s also a lot of copper and rose gold around but I think that fad will pass quickly.

I am going with a white tree and predominantly white wrapping with scrumptious gold highlights and embellishments. There are heaps fabulous ornaments at the chain stores that I will use as present toppers. But get in quick as the good stuff goes quickly.

I’ll also throw in some gold dots on white paper, gold chevron, gold geometrical and gold icicles again on white. Yum. I’ll also use the gold and white wrapping paper as a table runner atop crisp white table cloths.

Now my theme is set I only purchase in line with my look and I wrap as I purchase a gift saving myself last minute wrapping trauma and a bad case of wrapping elbow.

Christmas Gold 2

And finally, I must admit I am vicariously sneaking in a hot pink Christmas theme for a little family with two girls who are already dreaming of a pink Christmas.