How to wrap oddly shaped gifts

It’s the question I am asked most often. Well equal first actually along with how do you tie bows so they look the same every time.

My first response is always always to put the gift in a box. There are no hero points, though you would be forgiven for thinking there were, for struggling to wrap on oddly shaped gift for the sake of it. I have seen a lot of paper sacrificed wrapping spherical objects to which I say …why?? Bung it in a box and wrap it precisely.

If you can’t (or won’t …. you stubborn thing) put the gift in a box, then break out the bubble wrap. Wrap the gift in a few layers of bubble wrap building up unusual indents and angles with extra bubble wrap. Your aim is to keep layering until the shape approximates a rectangular prism. Then let the wrapping begin by placing the paper in portrait position, placing the gift at the bottom closest to you, folding the outer edges of the paper into centre, folding the end edges in and then rolling the gift about three times.

Finally, you could always opt for the loud and proud approach by making a feature of the unusually shaped large gift. Leave the gift unwrapped or partially wrapped in all its glory and embellishment it shamelessly. Let’s face it…. A French Horn is a French Horn and a rake is a rake. Zjoosh the gift with an OTT paper flower or decadent ribbon. Place it beneath the tree at the last moment or hand deliver with a confident flourish.

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