A date with Daiso

We gift wrappers are all wrapped up in our own little world. If something in any way resembles paper or card, is foldable, tieable or embellishable, it falls into the category of wrapping materials. I’m always on the lookout. And that means looking out for finds at the chain stores – where you can be both excited and disappointed in equal measure every time you visit.

But one should always approach with an open mind which is why  I regularly myself at Daiso, the Japanese retailer where everything is $2.80 except those things that aren’t $2.80 and where there’s no way you get past the checkout without being accosted by mountains of dried mango pieces.

I regularly visit Daiso. Sometimes I buy a lot and sometimes I don’t buy anything. If I do see something I like I buy it on the spot because the good stuff goes fast and it rarely comes back into stock. I do have a few recent Daiso best buys to share with you.

Fold-able Scissors – Who Knew?

Theses cute little scissors fold away beautifully and take up next to no room so you always have scissors at the ready. Warning: these won’t make it through airport security.  I have donated three pairs to the Australian government.

Wooden Easels

I found these fabulous wooden easels but they were a hideous mid orange/beige. I painted them with white chalk paint (I can’t tell you how much I like chalk paint) and they work a treat. Should I ever see more of these on the shelves I will snap them up.

White easel

Decorator Packing Tape

I went to a gift trade fair a few years ago and something very much like this was being heralded as the next big thing. A roll wholesale was $8.00. I picked up my roll for $2.80. There are heaps of patterns beside this chain one which I find strangely alluring.


Coloured Cellophane

I am learning to love cellophane. One of things that previously hindered my cellophane romance is that retail packs of  cellophane often comes folded which means unforgivable crease lines. Daiso cellophane on a roll does not suffer from that. The Daiso colours do vary and can appear a bit garish but once rolled out the cellophane can add a pinging pop of colour.

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Lace Tape Too Cute

Lace Tape gives a certain Nana vintage look but there are times in our lives when that is actually what we are after. Have a little bit stashed away for just such an occasion.

Daiso Lace

Fake Flowers and Foliage

Or should I say everlasting? These are perfect to keep on hand to pop into a tied bow to really polish off a look. You’ll need to be discerning – some of the flowers simply won’t do but others are a bit of a find.

Japanese Origami Paper

I haven’t mastered origami because I have a daughter in law who is a master at it with levels of precision that I can only dream of.  That doesn’t mean I don’t like origami paper with its beautiful patterns often with a touch of gold. The small squares sets an outer limit of what you can wrap with it but I find it perfect for pinwheels, belli bands and tennie weenie gifts.

Origami paper

Single Hole Punch

I am always making little holes to thread ribbons through which means I am always in need of  a single hole punch, and having so many gift wrapping classes, I need a few in reserve. They can be quite expensive so I always feel I’ve had a little win when I pick one up for $2.80.

Felt Squares

There’s a whole felt world out there which I have not ventured into. Felt is great for little bows, flowers or just adding texture. Buying felt at the big box stores can add up, so a little bag of felt for …yes you guessed it…$2.80 makes sense to me.

No Brainer Container

Last but certainly not least, are the walls of containers just waiting to come home with you and be filled with notions, embellishments and ribbons. Stack them away neatly in the cupboard (confession: I don’t always get to this step) and you’ll be able to (in theory) find anything you want when you want it.

Image result for fake flowers daiso

What’s your Daiso Find?

I now there are whole Pinterest boards devoted to Daiso. So know I am not alone in my Daiso devotion. If you come across anything gift wrappingly fabulous at Daiso, let me know. But make it quick!