Whenever any member of my family travels to the UK we always bring my mother back a Christmas tree ornament of an historical figure. They are mini works of art and there’s nothing I like better than a miniature. So you can imagine how excited I was  when I discovered that history has it that on 28 November 1582 William Shakespeare was married to Anne Hathaway. He was 18 (and a minor…scandal!) and she was 26 (and heavily pregnant…scandal!)  Historians have vastly different views as to whether their union was a happy one. While some believe they were hopelessly in love while another pundit wrote “Shakespeare’s loathing for his wife was measureless.” Scandal! Whatever way you look at it though these decorations form the ultimate present topper and you’d have to say really fit the bill of beautiful wrapping as a gift that gives twice. I am going BIG on the ornament as topper this year as there are some simply beautiful decorations about at an accessible price point.