We wrap with a range of quality materials – new and used paper, fabrics and botanicals – that are kind to the planet and from certified sustainable sources, in particular Certified Chain of Custody Sustainable Plantation Forest Paper.

Daily Wrap is conscious of its environmental impact and adopts and shares sustainable practices in wrapping and packaging. Our ten point plan captures our commitment: 

We search out makers who use water based and vegetable inks.

We steer well away from glitter, flocked or laminated paper.

We use and teach techniques to measure paper very carefully so we never use a centimetre more than we have to.

We recycle all of our paper and reuse all off cuts and remnants.

We use twine and ribbon that is sustainably sourced and packaged and are moving towards PET grosgrain ribbons that are made from post consumer recycled PET plastic bottles.

We don’t wrap or package with plastic or curling ribbon.

We recycle and reuse ribbon whenever possible by ironing it under baking paper.

We are conscious of our use of tapes and glues and encourage the removal of all tape before recycling.

We always look at multiple ways to present a gift and minimise wrapping really large objects by encouraging the giver to take a photo of the gift and beautifully wrap the photo and description only.



Seasonal Pop Up Gift Wrapping October to December

We’ll update you on seasonal pop up locations as the time approaches.