Well partners 29 November is Square Dancing Day. Yessireee Bob. Square Dancing Day has its origins in the traditional dances of England, Ireland and Scotland. The new settlers to North America brought this tradition with them and the dances set to the music of guitar, banjo, fiddles and accordions, have been evolving ever since. The dances form patterns of lines, circles and squares and the dancers are called through by the caller. This makes it a dance for me because with the caller telling you what to do it doesn’t matter if you have absolutely no sense of rhythm. My square dance wrap features squared or checked hot pink paper (just a touch Little House on the Prairie) with a cross over ribbon and just when you thought the wrap was just a bit old hat, I have a hot pink lobster tag because square dancing is a little more strenuous than you think, which can leave you as red as a lobster and awkwardly puffing through a dosey do. I love the combination of the hot pink and the check. Always a winner.