Taffeta Ribbon – Ivory

You will love tying bows with our taffeta style ribbon.

It is available in 5 metre lengths in two widths – 25mm and 38mm.

We have chosen a range of colours from nature as well as beautiful neutrals and soft pastels.

Taffeta has a lustrous shiny appearance and is often associated with glamorous special occasions and formal wear.


Taffeta was first produced in the Middle East in the twelfth century. The word taffeta comes from the Persian word Taftah meaning crisp or woven. It was traditionally made from silk and is now made from synthetic fibres such as polyester, nylon or acetate. Polyester is the most popular form of taffeta ribbon today as it is relatively inexpensive and gives a silk like appearance.

The tightly twisted yarns woven together create an edged ribbon that holds its shape well – perfect for statement bows.

This style of ribbon also works well for ribbon layering where ribbons of different widths are placed one on top of the other to create a textured multi coloured luxe feel.

Taffeta ribbon is best cut on an angle or with a pennant cut to prevent fraying. It can also be reused if you place it under some baking paper and iron. An iron should never be placed directly onto a ribbon.

Taffeta is perfect for multi loop bows. The fabric is light enough yet sturdy enough for the loop of the bow to be puffed out creating a full look. The ribbon also posts well as it springs back to life after being in a package.

To create a multi loop bow,  place your ribbon around your gift and tie a bow in the middle of the gift as normal – creating two loops and two tails. Then place another length of ribbon around the gift in the opposite direction and tie another bow at the centre of the gift. You will now have four loops and four tails. You can even tie in a shorter piece of ribbon to the centre of the bow to create even more loops and tails. The sky is the limit!!!

You can learn how to tie taffeta ribbons in our workshop Beautiful Bows and Ribbons where we focus on choosing the best ribbon for each type of bow and where to position the bow on differently shaped gifts to show the bow off to its best advantage.

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25mm, 38mm


5 metres, 10 metres