How fabulous to see Wrap Buddies featured by Martha Stewart in her article “11 Genuis Tools That Make Gift Wrapping Easy”.

I first saw Wrap Buddies a couple of years ago when they were launched and made contact with creator and founder Bret Wortman. He went way above and beyond to ship me some Wrap Buddies across the other side of the world. Looking back it probably wasn’t worth his time to do muck around doing this for me. But he did. 

His generosity of spirit stuck in my mind and I have watched from afar as his product has gone from strength to strength. Getting a mention from Martha Stewart is a big deal – a tick of approval from the grand Dame of gifting.  So besides Wrap Buddies I was a little bit interested to see what Martha’s Team designates a genius gift wrapping tool. Wrap Buddies I need no convincing on. Here’s my take on the other 10.

  1. The Original Little Elf Gift Wrap Cutter. I have seen these out there – you place the “cuff” device around the roll of wrap a notch with a blade slices through the wrapping. I work with larger rolls of paper so this isn’t for me and I suspect it’s brilliance is cutting from edge to edge not small cuts down into the paper. I also saw this concept on a recent hack for toilet rolls. You know how much I love a good hack, but it didn’t look entirely safe to me.
  2. Helix Paper Cutter and Folder boasts it cuts paper, forms creases and swiftly curls ribbon. I am allergic to curling ribbon but the other uses appeal as does the price. I will track one down. 
  3. Double Sided Tape Applicator A tape runner a bit like the old white out dispenser. I have used these. They work best on a clear run – fiddly bumpy spots not so much. 
  4. Tag Maker. Yep. I have used these. A fancy hole punch on steroids. Works well if you want to produce only a few tags. You’ll sprain your wrist if you try making tags in number and they can be a bit hard to manipulate around the paper. 
  5. Ribbon Storage and Dispenser. A clear acrylic storage box for ribbon spools with a divider that separates each spool and feeds the ribbon cleanly up through the top. This idea appeals to me and having a bunch of ribbons lined up by graduating colour fills me with joy. Limitation is – my ribbon spools are all different sizes so not quite sure how it would go there. 
  6. Bow maker. I have always had a hankering to try a Bowdabra. This device looks like a bookend but produces all manner of bows. Jumbo flounced wire edged bows aren’t always my cup of tea but they do have a place for certain statement wraps. My twitch to order one has returned. 
  7. Glue Dots. Love glue dots. Use them all the time. They come in different sizes and can be inserted into quite small spaces. A most appropriate inclusion. 
  8. Hands Free Tape Dispenser. They are quite difficult to get in Australia but my daughter in law tracked one down and gave it to me as a Christmas gift. While she didn’t win the best Christmas present of the year – a hotly contested award in our family- she did come close. I don’t always remember to use it and it doesn’t work for all tapes but I love that little sucker. 
  9. Ribbon Shredder. Just no. 
  10. Compact Die Cutting Machine. My daughter had a die cutting machine when they very first cane out years ago. Not sure about the mini versions but what the bigger ones can now do is impressive. You have to commit to using one. Looks like a bit of a faff to me. But then I am not a big card maker. I reakon they would love these. 

The verdict….. I get why a few of these tools have been designated genuis status. Wrap Buddies Yes. Not so sure about all the others. I would have included a bone folder for perfect folds and creases and some fabulous Studio Carta pinking shears, a hot glue gun ( not for those with a low threshold to glue burn pain) , a trusty metal ruler or the most fabulous sharp scissors. 

Well my gift wrapping buddies… what do you think? What are your favourite gift wrapping tools?