I love wrapping paper. I am not ashamed to say I am a wrapping paper tragic. I cannot get enough of the stuff so it’s rather fortunate that there are new designs coming out every day (or every hour if you sit on Instagram #wrappingpaper).

Wrapping paper comes in all manner of patterns and textures, widths, weights and styles from the earthy country feel of kraft paper right through to the heavily flocked ornate patterns reminiscent of the Palace of Versailles or your grandmother’s living room. As you know, one wrapping paper trend that I am truly transfixed by and for which my passion shows no signs of abating is reversible or double sided paper. One pattern on one side and another pattern on the other.

My husband does not quite understand reversible paper. Why have a pattern on the side you don’t see such that you won’t see that pattern. He shakes his head. I have tried and tried to explain the options and the nuances of double  sided paper to him but he remains somewhat unconvinced. “How about when you create a stack of presents using different feature sides?” I say. “What about using the reverse side as a belli band?” I suggest. “Did you know you could use one side of the paper for a table runner and the reverse side for place mats?” I share. Really does he need any more convincing?

There are some truly lovely reversible papers coming out. I have been using Blushing Confetti Reversible Paper recently and I love it. The paper is a decent weight which means it does not work for gifts with multiple folds or where a little give or take is required, but it sure looks stunning on present stacks.

Stripes and Brush Strokes from Blushing Confetti

Leaves, dots, maroons and greens from Blushing Confetti

I also love some of the Samson papers that can easily be picked up at Department stores.  Some of the range is in folded sheets (which as you know are not my favourite thing because you have to work so hard to wrap around the deeply ingrained folded but if you can cope with that you can get some really fabulous patterns, like the Florence Broadhurst egrets with the contrast charcoal geometric pattern shown below – just the thing for a belli band.

Florence Broadhurst Egrets with contrasting geometrics

And it seems double sided paper is a global trend. The reversible papers from MyPrettyCircus dazzled the crowds at PaperWorld held at the beginning of the year in Frankfurt and picked up awards at the recent London Stationery Show. The patterns are fabulous and stylish. Simple yet striking at the same time.

Beautiful patterns from My Pretty Circus

Even Costco has reversible paper, and while not all of the Costco patterns are my cup of tea ( okay many of the patterns are not my cup of tea) large rolls of it leap off the shelves into jumbo sized shopping carts and onto gifts around the nation.
If you have not yet tried to wrap a gift with reversible paper, I encourage you to give it a go…the options for embellishments and colour combinations are endless,. At the very least, your fledgling efforts will qualify you to become part of the emerging reversible revolution.