Ever since I was a small girl, I have been drawn to globes. There is something well, worldly about them, evoking images of wonderful adventures to distant lands. I have watched with growing excitement as the  globe has emerged over the past few years as a design theme. So much so, that in 2017 the globe proudly took centre stage at the European Design Fairs in a range of stunning styles and colours, in corkboard, in chalkboard, illuminated, in speaking versions or as ornate Christmas baubles.

Going Global Going Global Going Global Going Global

I reckon Theresa May would appreciate a good globe. She has a degree in Geography from St Hugh’s College Oxford and is the first geographer to become British PM. It’s been reported that she often starts sentences with the words “as a geographer……” I also  reckon that if PM May were to decorate her digs or wrap gifts for guests at Number 10, she use a globe theme. I am all for it. It would look fabulous and would no doubt dazzle all her fellow world leaders.

Going Global Going Global

Globes and their first cousin the map (which as Mrs May will tell are not the same thing at all….every globe is a map but not every map is a globe) are the gift wrapper’s friend. Globes are a super motif, either as a pattern, stand alone image or an embellishment. Globes work with a wide range of gifts and occasions and span the divide between looks that are traditionally masculine or feminine.

Going Global Going Global

While do like a repeating globe pattern or just the wonderful artistic contours of a globe as seen from outer space as a wrapping paper design, my globe wrap is in fact all about the embellishment. I found a globe trinket and matching pair of binoculars in a button store in Hong Kong recently. Shrugging off my daughter’s observation that it was all a bit Dora the Explorer, I purchased it with glee with a special travel gift in mind.
I paired the trinket with some blue paper with large dots to represent globes and some fabulous aqua and chartreuse ribbons to represent the lands and the oceans. I placed the binoculars and globe and in the centre of the tied ribbon and am more than a bit pleased with the result. I think it’s world class and I am sure Theresa May would too. She is welcome to use this idea as the hostess gift for her next G8 meeting – it’s my gift to her.