The Trivia on Trivia

Today 4 January is celebrated in the United States as National Trivia Day. I have always loved trivia. The whole family does. Can’t get enough of it. Here’s a piece of Trivia. Did you know the word trivia is plural for the word trivium? In ancient times. the word meant something very new but it has now come to mean snippets of information and pop culture. I spent a lot of time at university going to trivia nights and winning prizes as obscure and useless as the question. But that’s the luck of the draw for those of us who love a good question. So we have a question pattern with a fabulous aqua ribbon. Aha – there’s a question here ….which AFL team has as its colours aqua, black and white? Too easy! Loving the background check too, because when ever there is disagreement or controversy over an answer at a quiz night, the adjudicator has to check it out.