The Von Trapp wrap

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the release of the Sound of Music (loved the Gaga number and Julie hug at the Oscars) and fans are flocking to Salzburg to lap up all things Von Trapp. Today 17 October, the city of Salzburg will host a celebratory gala, complete with original cast members, in the Felsenreitshule Theatre which features in some of the film’s most famous scenes. Naturlich we have a Von Trapp wrap… an homage to the play clothes made of curtain fabric. We love this wrap because we are Sound of Music tragics AND it features a whopping great bow. Bliss. However just be a teensy weensy bit careful when you use a big pattern because you have to take the extra time to position the gift on the wrap so that the pattern shows symmetrically. For the obsessive among us, however this is the fun bit.