Train Staff to Gift Wrap

A brand statement and a competitive advantage.

Gift wrapping provides a style statement about your brand and a competitive advantage for both online and bricks and mortar retailers. After working with many retailers and brands, we know the impact complimentary gift wrapping can make on customer loyalty and retail sales. We also know that polished, consistent, insta worthy gift wrapping comes down to training.

Our gift wrapping training sessions build employee confidence and skill while addressing efficient use of materials and wrapping objects of all shapes and sizes.

We really enjoy staff training sessions and receive great feedback from participants and management.

why us?

After a career in teaching, management development and adult education, Vivienne decided to practice what we she preached and focused on the things she loves – training and gift wrapping. She’s honed  her craft in front of discerning audiences working with leading brands on gift wrapping activations and team training.

How can our service help you?

We run two hour training sessions at your head office or individual stores (or off site if you prefer). We teach your team how to measure, wrap and present gifts to your brand specifications. We set everything up and have it ready to go so there is no impost on management time. Your staff need only arrive and enjoy a carefully planned (but not boring) session based on adult learning principles.

We deliver face-to-face or Zoom workshops to upskill your team on gift wrapping so they can wrap beautifully and to your brand guidelines all year round.

Our workshops are fun, informative, and not at all like hard work but make no mistake Vivienne is committed to making sure everyone can wrap to a high standard. We provide all the materials, follow-up notes, backup when you need it and a Certificate of Completion for each participant.

Some organisations send specific teams while others gather super users for the training who then go onto train other team members.

We charge per session or program if you require multiple sessions.

Timing is everything

We run staff  training sessions all year round and at times that suit your organisation. However, weI do know that training is often best undertaken from June to September in preparation for the festive season.