Wrapping Paper Paisley Sage

Brand new Paisely Sage Wrapping Paper.

The wrapping paper is 80 gsm, the perfect weight for gift wrapping.

It’s uncoated, 60cm wide and 5 metres in length.

Also available in 10 metre lengths.

Orders will be mailed in a cardboard mailing tube.


Our wrapping paper comes in 5 metre or 10 metre rolls. If you would like more than 10 metres, please contact us and we can get back to you with a price and postage costs.

Whatever the length you purchase, you will love our 80gsm paper because it folds beautifully and does not tear at the corners when you pull it tightly or reposition it.

To keep your paper in pristine condition, we suggest storing it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Our paper can be used for much more than wrapping gifts. You can use it to style your events and home too! You can use our 80gsm paper for lining drawers and backing cabinets, lining a tray, placements, a table runner or even the mount in a photo frame.

We also suggest you keep any off cuts from your lovely paper as these remnants can certainly be redeployed!

Thin strips of our wrapping paper can be used as a belli band or wrap band. Wrap your gift in the paper you have to hand and then place your remnant strip or off cut around the middle of the gift to provide contrast and eye appeal. A belli band can also camouflage edges that don’t quite meet.

You can also join small remnants of our paper to create a larger piece for wrapping. Simply use double sided tape to join tenants of the same paper or for a quirky yet stylish look join differently patterned paper.

Beautiful paper always cuts best with sharp scissors – who doesn’t love that fabulous glide through paper that only sharp scissors can deliver? We suggest that you maintain two pairs of scissors – one for cutting paper and one for cutting ribbons. The fibres in paper and ribbon really are quite different so it is preferable not to use the same pair of scissors for both tasks. Tie a ribbon around the arms of the ribbon scissors so you will always know which is which.

Additional information

Weight 380 kg

5 Metres, 10 Metres